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January 29, 2012


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No Word In Elvish, Entish, Or The Tongues Of Men

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 29, 2012, 9:36 AM

My local Asda just started stocking blind bags, and guess who went and bought a pair?

This guy!

First one out of the hat was a random colt. Accidentally binned the packet with his name in it, so I'm going to dub him GrapeKeister:
GrapeKeister by CoffeeGrunt

...And then, there I was, one bag left. No courage left to forge through Asda again to find another. I hesitated, having picked them at random. What if it was another random background pony with no fanon awesomeness? Or even the exact same pony again? I bit the bullet, tore open the bag and shook its contents out from within:
Dashie! by CoffeeGrunt



So I suppose that now I've bought some of Hasbro's merch, I can start calling the shots here as a consumer. The other options were that god-awful "Rainbow Dash dresses in style" with butterfly wings, and AJ, who also looked crappy. The entire pony collection barely filled one shelf at, small shelf.

Anyway, there is a fantastic brony who is making 3D renders of my favourite ponies...and a few of those other six boring ones who keep hogging the damned spotlight. I am getting the intense urge to buy a 3D Printer, now:

Octavia 3D:…
Vinyl 3D:…

Also, I've been listening to the Skyrim soundtrack for some time now. It's beautiful. Spellbinding and awe-inspiring, yet...familiar. How and why is that? Well, after getting bored and sitting for the last hour listening to the - amazing - LOTR soundtrack, I found out why.

I mean, listen to this all the way through:…

And finally, for those wondering about my ponysona's cutie's a copy of Breaking Dawn.

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Well, to bad it wasn't the real dashie.

Anyways, yeah. I noticed it.
I really don't, honestly.
The LOTR thing-a-majig.

Screw you CoffeeGrunt....

Lord of the Ring marathon, here i come... AGAIN. -.-
At first I was like... really Coffee? Breaking Dawn? And then I looked at it because I couldn't remember just what it is...

What you did there, I see it. And I like it.
What it deserves. :D
unitoone Jan 29, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Can I buy 3D prints from you in the future??
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