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November 16, 2011
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Lyra and Bonbon stared at the subtle whisps of smoke diffusing from Octavia's heated temperament. Ironically, the closer Vinyl was to danger, the more she pushed herself towards it by taunting Octavia. Thus, Darwhinny's Theory of Natural Selection was given a beautiful demonstration as Octavia shunted Vinyl in the ribs, causing her to collapse onto a seat. Vinyl rearranged her legs after landing to make it seem as it if were purposeful, rather than having her rump kicked.

Bonbon lightly clapped her hooves as Octavia finally cooled down, offering an apologetic hoof to help Vinyl back onto her own.

"Wow, Octavia, you sure do have a temper. Better be careful, Lyra."
Lyra snorted through her snout. "Of course, she can bring down a rugged street waif like that, but hardly somepony as capable as me."

"Vinyl is not a street waif!"
"Yeh, I'm not her wife, fillies!"

"" Octavia sighed into her hoof. "She's a...DJ. Besides what business is it of your's anyway?"

Lyra reclined casually in her seat, getting comfortable for the forthcoming show.

"Nothing much. Just admiring the intense hypocrisy you're exhibiting at the moment, Octavia."
"In what manner do you mean, Lyra?"
"Oh, vilifying me for marrying a filly. Yet here you are, with one of your own. A unicorn too, very intriguing!"
"I swear that I am not in a relationship with Vinyl. We're just...friends."
"Of course, of course. Hey Vinyl?"

Vinyl leaned around Octavia, getting a clear view of Lyra.

"Yeh, what's up?"
"Think fast!"

Lyra caught a particularly weighty hardback copy of Kazoo Weekly in her magic, and lobbed it at high velocity towards Vinyl's head. An instinctive pulse of the horn saved Vinyl's shades from being shattered by a fascinating article on kazoo case designs, enveloping it in a grey aura of magic and slowing it to a halt as it brushed her snout.

Bonbon cracked up as she fell back down into her chair, pointing a hoof at a now very confused Vinyl Scratch and Octavia.

"I knew it! I knew you two were together!"

Octavia's brain rolled into action first, as usual.

"What? How does throwing books at Vinyl prove anything?"
"I dunno, Octavia. Perhaps...her magic? Something a little different there, Vinyl?"

It was only now that Vinyl noticed the absence of her native pearly-white aura, now replaced by a more slate-grey one. She focused her horn, but it only increased in its grey intensity, rather than diminishing.

"You've got Octavia all over your horn! You dirty, little scoundrels, you two!"
"What...but I..."
"Ha! Can't hide unicorn magic, all in the subconscious!"
"Why is that happening?!"

Lyra sat up properly, looking Vinyl and Octavia in the eyes while she grinned like a cheshire cat.

"You see, a unicorn derives its power from intense concentration...yes, even her. Most concentrate on themselves, inner power, et cetera. Occasionally..." Lyra picked up a book from the coffee table, enveloping it in a beige aura, rather than the expected mint green. " A unicorn finds a pony that they concentrate on instead, without even thinking about them...or her."

Octavia crossed her forelegs, defiantly standing in front of Lyra.

"Still doesn't prove any of my involvement."
"It only happens after you...get quite close with the other pony."
" see."
"Oh wow, Octavia. You are too easy to trap."

If Bonbon was cradling a warm feeling of mirth in her gut before, it was now an inferno as she bent over in laughter, falling off the chair but continuing on the floor nonetheless.

"You're's adorable how they...try to hide badly! Reminds me of me and you, Lyra."

"Well, Octavia. I must rescind my previous insults, we appear to have more in common than I expected. Even before I received that magazine through my door."
"Wha-what magazine?"

Octavia could have happily died there and then. At least, were it not for Vinyl's intervention. In a somewhat misguided sense of bravado, she wrapped a foreleg around Octavia's shoulders and brought her in tight against herself. Octavia was happy that she at least had somepony to hide behind for the moment.

"C'mon, leave Octy alone. What have we done to you two, anyway?"
"Vinyl, please. They read the magazine."
"What, the ice-cream pony one?"
"Yes, they did."

Vinyl paused for a long moment as her albino cheeks drained of what little blood they held normally. She stared into the distance as she tried to work out some means of escape, while Octavia used her as cover for the next mud-slinging match.

Lyra was already standing, although to Vinyl's surprise Lyra's smile was friendly, not intimidating. Bonbon stood beside her, leaning her head against Lyra's shoulder with a contented expression across her face.

"Well, Vinyl. I have to say I'm glad Octavia found somepony to help her edge that stick out of her rump, even if you went and stuck brass instruments elsewhere."
"Look, that didn't actually ha-."
"Yes, I know. I was joking."
"Oh, okay. How did you get it anyway?"
"Junk mail. Came with two injury lawyers letters, and an offer for a horn extension kit."
"They do those?!"
"You creep me out."

Octavia emerged from Vinyl's side, though she kept Vinyl's foreleg around her shoulder, and mirrored the action with her own.

"So what now, Lyra? Tell the world, and watch me fall? I wouldn't blame you. In hindsight, I hardly said a word when you were put under the microscope."
"Well. As tempting as it would be to see your bitter rump get its just desserts, I can't help but feel that since Bonbon has made me a better pony...revenge is such a silly thing anyway."
"So all is forgiven?"
"But not forgotten. Besides, a lesbian calling out another lesbian would hardly make headlines, would it? There's Equestrian Warming for everypony to worry about instead. Besides, you two remind me too much of me and Bonbon. Hay, you have some good times ahead."

Octavia tentatively unwrapped her foreleg from Vinyl, stepping forward and raising a hoof to Lyra's attention. Lyra eyed it with abject suspicion, before extending her own and taking it in a firm shake.

"Just remember, Octavia; I'm okay with it, other ponies probably won't be."
"I'm fully aware." Octavia turned back towards Vinyl, before grabbing her in a crushing hug. "But I suppose together, we can ignore their catcalls. Now, I remember there being a certain quartet we were forming half of?"

"Indeed, Miss Philharmonica. Are you ready to join me in the performance?"
"Miss Heartstrings, it would be my pleasure."
And finally, the truth prompts a truce.

Chapter 26:
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