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November 29, 2011
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"So, what do you wanna do tonight, then?"

Vinyl's grin spread across her cheeks, arching an eyebrow for good measure. Octavia gaped at her for a second, before experiencing a moment of blushing realisation. Her voice turned to a hushed whisper, tinted with laughter.

"Vinyl, you really can be so forward sometimes."
"What, I didn't suggest anything. Not thinking dirt thoughts about us again, Octavia?"
"Oh, but you...You really are the most irritating tease, are you aware of that?"
"I aim to please, m'lady."
"Well, I was feeling something more towards a nice, relaxing drink than anything else."

Vinyl gently raised her shades from over her eyes with the tip of a hoof, narrowing her eyes in an intently scrutinising expression.

"Alright. But I'm not drinking that weird stuff you do. It's Bacoltis all the way for me."

Octavia rolled her eyes, offering a hoof to help Vinyl from the floor.

"I suppose my attempts to integrate some self-respect and class into you have failed?"
"Completely and utterly."
"Yet you are still satisfactory."

Vinyl gasped in faked amazement, standing on her rearlegs while spreading her forelegs as wide as possible.

"Satisfactory? I'm the best mare out there, Octy!"

Vinyl's Equestria-beating composure was fragmented as Octavia playfully nudged her in the ribs, causing her to topple backwards onto her back. Octavia scampered over to where she had fallen, concern evident on her face as she leaned over Vinyl's horizontal form.

"Oh, I'm so sorry, Vinyl."
"You will be."

Vinyl grabbed a hold of Octavia, rolling over and pinning her down on her back. Octavia struggled against the pinning of her shoulders, staring up at Vinyl who had repeated her forelegs-wide gesture of triumph while sitting on her to complete the pinning maneuver..

"You're forgetting something, Miss Philharmonica." Vinyl leaned in, whispering in Octavia's ear. "I know your weakness."

"What is that...oh Celestia please, no Vinyl. Not here."
"Nope, it's my revenge, and I'm having it how I want it."

Vinyl snuck the tip of her hoof into the side of Octavia's stomach, rapidly tickling her across the vulnerable area. Octavia devolved into paroxysms of laughter, fighting harder than ever to break free of Vinyl's vicegrip.

"No, Vinyl...please! I...this is just...immature!"
"I knew you'd be the ticklish type, Octavia."

Vinyl snuck the hoof-tip into Octavia's neck, watching as she jerked her head around in an attempt to escape the crippling laughter-inducing nerve attacks.

"Vinyl..for Celestia...stop, now!"
"What's that, Octy? Tickle harder? I'll be the gentlemare and oblige."
"No...ser...iously.  Stop!"
"Let's turn it up to eleven."

Octavia fidgeted further under the increased magnitude of tickling, managing to wrestle her hindlegs free. Octavia pressed them against Vinyl's midriff, pushing her clean off and causing her to land in an uncoordinated sprawl on the floor. Octavia clutched at her ribs, still attempting to regain control of the heaving fits of laughter rolling across her body.

Vinyl managed to get to her hooves roughly around the moment Octavia was stumbling to hers. She placed her trademark shades back across her eyes, laughing as she saw Octavia struggling to stand after the fervent tickling session.

"Wow, Octy. I haven't seen you this red faced since that night after the audition thingy."
" Just...struggling to get my...breath back."
"I could give you the kiss of life, if you want. Or a hoof onto your hooves?"
"I'll...pass on the kiss, thanks. Just...lend me a hoof."

Vinyl reached under Octavia's ribcage, groaning as she lifted her unsteadily to her hooves. She wrapped her leg across Octavia's shoulder, enjoying the slightly close embrace as Octavia completed the pony crutch.

"The best part about this, Octy, is that we haven't even started drinking yet."

* * * * * *

"Barkeep, two Flaming Sambuckas!"
"Vinyl, I've not even started drinking yet. Do you want me to drink a Sambucka already?"

Vinyl stroked her chin for a second, before turning back to the bar.

"Make that one, we'll split it." She leaned in close to the barcolt, hissing in his ear. "She's a lightweight."

"I am not, and we're not splitting it."
"Aw, but it'll be roman-."
"A Chardonnay, if you'll please sir. And...a Bacolti?"
"Sure, why not?"

Octavia hoofed over the money, before picking up the two drinks and beginning her journey to the table. Vinyl and herself had decided to spend the night in the winebar, that was now thankfully absent of ice-cream ponies and other awkward occurrences. The barcolt was till here, however, flaunting his marely mannerisms as always. She was halted, however, by the same barcolt who had just served her, levelling a pointed hoof and stare at Vinyl.

"Excuse me darling, may I just trouble you for your ID, please?"

Vinyl stopped in her tracks, worried shock appearing over her face before casual calm took its place. She whirled around, grinning as she fetched her ID from her pocket.

"I gotta say, it's flattering to be told how young I look. Here you go, brony." The ID danced before the barcolt's eyes, somewhat unsteadily, before her nodded and dismissed her with an effeminate wave of the hoof.

"Sorry to bother you. Just new policy and all, enjoy your night you two!"

"I...yeh, will do."

She turned back to Octavia, shrugging her shoulders before they continued on to the table.

"I guess I must look quite young and fit then, Octy. What do you think?"
"I suppose you do look quite young, Miss Scratch. I'm intrigued by the ID, however. I don't even have one and they let me go."
"It's 'cause that bow-tie makes you look like my grandma."

She spotted the trademark indignant expression, opened mouth and raised hoof that heralded the onset of an Octavia rant, and decided to cut it off in its infancy.

"I'm just foaling around. Only a joke, my little pony."
"I...don't patronise me."

Vinyl flipped the small ID card back out, revealing a photo from some years ago emblazoned with various specifics and details of herself. Octavia, however, homed in on the name rendered in bold, black font across the top.

"Vinyl Jennifer Scratch. You never told me you had a middle name."

The ID card was snapped out of the air and stowed away in Vinyl's pocket once more. She turned to hide her crimson cheeks, finding a table in the corner that would do nicely for the night.

"My mum thought it sounded nice...anyway, there's a table over there with our name on it, Octy."
"It is a very nice middle name. Almost gives you a sense of...decorum. Pomp and circumstance, if you'd like."

Vinyl laughed as Octavia set the drinks down on the table, waving away the compliment.

"Probably as classy as I'll get, Octy. I don't wanna be a posh mare, just somepony good at what she does."
"Well, I believe you've already shown a surprising capability on that front. Perhaps others can be considered."
"Nah. Not the poshness that's the problem, just the stuffiness that comes with offense."

Vinyl dived back onto the soft couch beside Octavia, grabbing her Bacolti and swigging back half the bottle in one gulp. She reached out a foreleg, drawing Octavia closer in a soft, warm hug. Octavia had taken it upon herself to be more frugal with her alcohol, and was delicately sipping her wine, allowing herself to admire the taste and texture of it before swallowing. Sadly, she hadn't gotten Vinyl into the habit of drinking alcohol for anything more than the task of simply getting drunk.

Vinyl heaved a sigh of contentment. She slouched back further in her seating position, pulling Octavia slightly closer to herself while sipping more of her drink. She soon noticed the familiar sensation of the soft weight of Octavia's head on her shoulder, and gently rested her own head on Octavia's.

Decent drink in one hoof, great mare in the other. Vinyl felt she could chalk down life as something of an excellent occurrence at that moment.
Five-Hundred Watchers for Twenty-Eight chapters.

Seems like a fair deal. :D

A short chapter, but still longer than the last one.

Chapter 29:
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MitsukiAdored Featured By Owner May 17, 2012
Such a cute ending :D just sitting here drinking my drink and a beautiful girl beside me. What can be better? ^_^
Wolfking164 Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2012
Ummmmmm, when did ponies have pockets? Is Vinyl wearing something that has pockets or did they just randomly appear?

I think something bad is gonna happen next.

Johnny Ponyville: With those two, bad finds them. Still, what will happen next.

medlimakar Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
In some headcanons, ponies have pockets in their flanks, with the opening just above the cutie mark.  
deathnotefan88 Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
gotta read more
Layder Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2011
and to think this all started when the one bar closed early :D
CoffeeGrunt Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2011
Indeed. Funny how things work out.
Charlesdeleroy Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2011
Jennifer... JENNIFER?!?!?!

That's a... a... HYOOOMAN name!!! It's PROOF that hyoomans have been in Equestria!! D:

*and the story quickly takes a left turn, as Vinyl and Octavia seek the mysthical power source left behind by the Hyoomans when they ascended into Vorlon-like entities: The Crystal Skull.*

Awesome. Now THIS is a plot Michael Bay could get behind! ;D
calvinandhobbes526 Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2011
Amazing, simply amazing. Great work!

Just one thing:
a typo about 2/3 the way down, with the ID, you put "her" instead of "he".
CoffeeGrunt Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2011
Herp. I would fix it, but the word "her" appears 74 times in that chapter...

I'll get round to it in a later edit.
zerofifi Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2011
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