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October 25, 2011
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Sunlight finally drifted through the window, it smote the dust that curled and flurried in the new morning breeze, like the blizzards seen in a snowglobe. It crawled its way across the floor as time rolled on, finally alighting upon a pair of ponies asleep on the sofa, and in one-another's embrace.

The sun was what raised Octavia from her uncharacteristically late slumber. She shifted herself slightly as she woke, reworking muscles that had lain comfortably unused for the night. Her eyelids flickered open to see the pillow of electric-blue hair she had fallen asleep on that night. The night before came rushing back, Octavia's cheeks lighting up as she recalled some of the events that had...occurred last night. It had perhaps gotten a little bit out of hoof, the worrying part being there was no haze of alcohol to blame this time.

She toyed with Vinyl's mane as she shifted slightly into a more comfortable position again behind her. Octavia found herself re-wrapping her forelegs around Vinyl's still very much unconscious form. Vinyl was highly unlikely to reawaken any time soon, so Octavia simply didn't feel the need to either that morning.

She closed her eyes, nuzzling into Vinyl's mane but still unable to get back to sleep. It was always the case for Octavia; she was something of an early pegasus, and once she was awake, she couldn't sleep until the night returned again. However, today she had no pressing engagements, no concerts or rehearsals to play. She had the day free to do whatever she wanted to do, and currently that was enjoying the slow tide of Vinyl's breathing.

Of course, this whole situation presented issues. Issues that flurried and swarmed in Octavia's mind like a flock of bats. Every up had a down; Octavia and Vinyl had found happiness together out of the view of other ponies. But what about when they stepped into the light of Equestria together, how would other ponies react to

Love. It was such an alien and strange concept, it barely seemed like a pony mind had thought it up at all. Trying to understand what she felt, understand what had drawn her towards Vinyl was like trying to write a poem with her hooves. It was right there, dancing in her face and cutting off her breath, yet she couldn't understand why it was there, what it aimed to achieve. She wondered if Vinyl felt this uncertain. She doubted it, Vinyl had such a clear-cut, black-and-white view of the world. Not scared to say what she felt, whereas Octavia hid herself behind a veil of decorum and circumstance.

It was removing that veil that worried her now. Having the full light of reality unleashed upon her eyes. Dreams and nightmares flickered through her thoughts, she could only remember what had happened to Lyra. She had went from Octavia's level of respected skill to nothing in one night; the night she publicly announced her plans to marry another mare.

High society is often called 'classical' for a reason. It holds to old ways in a vicegrip tighter than the one it holds its money in. Old-fashioned...decaying, even. It was funny how meeting Vinyl made Octavia realise that sometimes the old ways really weren't better, that they had been surpassed. 'Fillyfooling' would be something that would give Octavia grief, no doubt. But if it was a day of grief to earn a minute of peace with Vinyl like the moment she was currently experiencing...well, that was more than acceptable.

She supposed she would have to fight for her love. If it was worth having, it was worth fighting for.

What she hadn't realised, and what is often the trap of musicians, is that she had subconsciously been muttering her thoughts into Vinyl's ear. It was common for a musician who had spent her career translating thought into sound to occasionally forgot to turn it off, but Octavia finally noticed her error when Vinyl shifted round to look her in the eye, grinning sheepishly with lids still half-closed.

"Y'know, I don't normally get ponies muttering Cheryl Colt in my ear to wake me up, but your singing's much better than hers, at least."
Octavia sputtered, she had somewhat been hoping for a moment longer with her thoughts, not that the interruption was something she vilified.
"Wow, you really don't keep up to date with current artists, do you?
"If she's current...she's not art."

Vinyl chuckled, raising a hoof to the painting above them. "I suppose old 'Art' the painting there is, then?"
"It was ironic..and a good idea at the time."
"What about last night?" Vinyl turned back to Octavia, eyes surprisingly alert and serious. "Was that 'a good idea at the time?'"
"Are you implying I might be the kind to invite fillies to my home, take advantage of them and then set them loose the next morning?"

Vinyl smiled. "I don't want to be the latest in a long chain, Octavia. I'm sure there's many fillies after your heart."
"Not as many as you'd think, I suppose they all know I'm out of their league."
"I guess none of them are as dumb as me to try and take the hoof of Lady Octavia the way, what's with the na-."

"Oh Celestia, don't you start. You talk too much already, Vinyl." Octavia leaned across the hoofful of inches, pecking Vinyl on the muzzle. "You need to stop running that tongue of yours around."

"Oh wow, you weren't saying that last night." Vinyl's grin grew with the shades of pink on Octavia's cheeks. "You haven't got a taxi waiting out there for me, have you? I'm feeling all unloved again."

Octavia groaned, blending it through her staccato bursts of giggles. "Come here then, Aunty Octy will give you a hug."
"So we're sticking with 'Octy?'"
"Only in private."
"You know what Octy, I'm really glad of something last night.
"Yes?" Octavia kept up the embrace, but felt her body tense as she waited for Vinyl's reaction to the night before, what she felt and believed about their newfound relationship.

"I'm really glad you don't have a tuba."
Octavia and Vinyl wake up after the night before. Expressing their love is all well and good in private, but how will they confront Equestria with it?

Chapter 21:
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This was just amazing. I like the gradual pace of this story and that you didn't go the route of them still pretending and playing it off as I have been in published books before. Moving on to the next chapter :D

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I was laughing so hard at the last sentence that the librarians had to yell at me to shut up.

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