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September 13, 2011
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Octavia brandished her chocolate-pickle tipped spear at Vinyl's muzzle, who had her own stick locked between her teeth. The two stared each other down, willing the other to make the first strike. It was Octavia who made the first light jab, aiming for Vinyl's mouth. Vinyl parried the stick with a deft move of her own, poking Octavia's cheek for good measure. Octavia jabbed once more, pulling back as Vinyl moved to block the attack, then bombing the pickled onion straight into her open mouth. She laughed triumphantly, a wicked grin spreading across her face as Vinyl grimaced at the taste in her mouth.

To an outside observer, this may have presented itself as being slightly foalish. However, the barcolt had drawn differing conclusions to what a pony with a closer view and a cleaner mind may have created. He coughed lightly; a professional cough, perfectly calculated to be audible, but not intrusive. Truly, learning to cough in the right manner was half a barcolt's job, the other half - serving drinks - being relatively elementary.

"Ladies, I don't mean to intrude...but we don't like to condone those kind of acts in this bar. Not that I take any issue with it, but please, keep it for the bedroom."

Both Vinyl and Octavia gaped at the barcolt, Octavia's stick dropped to the floor, while Vinyl's dropped into her mouth, her convulsions and choking knocking the dumbstruck Octavia from her perching spot on Vinyl's stomach.

"We're...we're not...what even made you think that?!"

Octavia started patting Vinyl's back with a hoof, who's face was turning to a worrying shade of azure. She gripped the stick in between her teeth, pulling it out of the DJ pony's mouth, before spitting it on the floor.

"Oh, nothing, darling. It's just that you two seemed fairly close, is all. Very fact."
"Hey, buddy. I'm not like that with Octavia. Mainly because she's an annoying prude who likes annoying prudey things!"

Vinyl pointed an indignant hoof at the barcolt, her accuracy improved by the adrenaline countermanding the alcohol in her blood.

"Like a little white knight in shining armour, how romant...oh, silly me." He grinned at the glares from the two mares. "I'll ask no more questions, so you'll tell me no more lies!"

The barcolt sauntered away. Beyond him, Octavia could see the ice cream pony from before fervently scribbling away at a notepad levitating before her, alternating her gaze between the paper, and Vinyl and Octavia. Octavia had suffered a significant number of disgraces today, mainly at the hooves of the damned mare next to her. That the barcolt even suggested the possibility. Well, it was simply absurd!

The little hayseed with the quill and paper was about to receive a sizable portion of Octavia's expansive and pyroclastic mind. She stormed up to the brown-coated pony, bearing over the notepad before snatching it with a hoof. She scanned the page, though she left it unsaid what the page contained. Octavia would have happily sent the notepad to the moon, had she the power.

Her prepared arguments were lost in the shock, and she turned to an interesting off-white, almost beige shade. Instead of her satirical intentions beforehoof, she simply tore the paper into as many fragments as ponily possible, put them in the mare's drink, and left her with a comment on how she was the lowest rung of the pony writing society.

As she sauntered away, the ice cream pony pulled out the backup copy, once more scribbling away while requesting a new drink from the gleeful barcolt.

"Another story for the fans, Butters?"
"Oh, you know me; I love the inspiration in the field."
"Can I have a copy?"
"First edition. When it's done."

Vinyl had watched the confrontation with an abject look of confusion and nonchalance. Octavia stormed up to her, seething with irritation at the invasion of her privacy in such a deep manner.

"What was on that notepa-?"

A hoof was jabbed into Vinyl's mouth.

"No, we're not discussing it. Ever? Understand?"

Though Vinyl understood, it was difficult to convey this fact with another pony's hoof between her jaws. She sputtered around Octavia's hoof, who then removed it with a disgusted look on her face.

"She's still writing, Octavia..."
"Oh, who cares? Nopony would read that crass, sick....teenage fantasy junk anyway."
"Ohhhh. So what's in the story?"

"I don't feel it's prudent to discuss was quite...horrifying."

Octavia visibly shivered, which Vinyl took as face value for her being cold, wrapping a hoof around her shoulders. This jolted Octavia's mind back to the first few sentences of the...story.

"Please, Vinyl. Get off. We don't want to give them any ideas."
"Fine. You be cold, then. Besides, I know what kinda, 'teenage,' story it is anyway."

Octavia's cheeks lit up faster than a sunrise.

"Ho-how do you know?"

"It's obvious. Twilight fanfiction...just sick."
Vinyl and Octavia find a few good reasons to leave the bar. Fast.

Chapter Ten:
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DravenEclipse Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2012
I love that barcoalt. He is just hilarious on so many levels. You should find someone to draw a picture of him.
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This story is very interesting!!
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Ponies write fanfiction about Twilight?! Does she know about this?! I wonder how she feels about it...
CoffeeGrunt Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2011
Probably very happy that she's being affiliated with more books.
unitoone Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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