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(Artwork by unitoone)

Welcome to my DeviantArt, repository of every darned little bit of writing I dared to show the world.

It's all here. Those looking for my fanfictions, the brutal Grimdarks, light-hearted Comedies, and sappy Shipping, dive into yonder Gallery and dig out those gems.

For those not thus inclined, I've plenty of brand new worlds I've built just for you. So please, be a good neighbour. Walk in, leave your shoes at the door, and tell me what you think of the place.
If you ever asked me my favourite thing about writing Allegrezza - and a few people have - it wasn't the writing, comments or star ratings that keep you rolling, it was what others created in response to it.

It's a profound experience to create something and it be loved, but more profound that it helps spawn other art, music and stories. Like a drop of ink into the sea, spreading out far beyond what I alone could achieve. It was because of those who wrote the stories, spread the art and composed music that Allegrezza gained longevity far beyond anything I could have fathomed back then.

So imagine my ecstatic joy when someone Skyped me that two of my favourite musical artists had collaborated on a song, inspired by Allegrezza:…

Over two years, and several big changes in my life. Yet here and now, people still create in honour of something I created.

Thank you ever so much, StarsInAutumn and MIU, you really have made my day.

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... In a time when men were men...
I think he might be referencing this ridiculous campaign ad for the American 2012 presidential elections.…
Thank you for the fav.  Love your work.  :D
Well, I found you. And thus ends my journey, only to begin a new one. I watch you now.
Bold adventurer, pray tell, what happenstance set you forth on this quest?
I dicovereth DA and set to join, then I set to watcheth all the great artists/storytellers on this new land. But sadly, I forgoteth some of the great names to which they call themselves. It tooketh me a while to find the names so I could follow in their glory. You were oneth of those great beings. I forgoteth your name, but remembereth your work Allegreza. So I went from their, journeyed far and wide till I found your humble abode.
Bl1ghtmare Dec 11, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I got a bit of a laugh earlier. I was searching google for a fix to a strange problem I'm having in UDK, and one of the links led to a forum that had a reply by a one CoffeeGrunt with a location England. At which point I remembered that you've actually worked with that program and then began marveling at the odds that out of the countless help topics out there, I encounter someone I know.

Never did find the fix though. +1 on the long list of problems only I seem to have. O_o
Hehe, what are the odds?

More to the point, what's the issue? I may just be able to point you in the right direction. :P
Bl1ghtmare Dec 14, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I actually managed to figure what was causing it but fixing may be a different story. I had a landscape and lighting set up and it all worked fine but when I would bring in a default static mesh it would destroy the lighting on one of the 4 landscape components. I figure it has to do with the lightmap coordinates of the static mesh being set to 2 instead of 1 but 2 people so far have told me that shouldn't affect it, even though changing it to 1 fixed the problem.

Darn udk and its weird problems
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